In today’s world where travelling is on everyone’s bucket list, our mission is to make it easily accessible to solo women travellers and create memorable and empowering experiences.

Exploring new places, adventuring out of one’s comfort zone, creating meaningful bonds, and looking after body and mind through balanced food, fitness classes, mindful practices is all one click of a finger away.

This is not an escape from everyday life: it is a return to a life well-lived. It is vacation with a purpose.

Are you ready to collect a new stamp for your passport?




I have been on two retreats with Chiara as my fitness leader. She is the best! The workouts are always challenging, but easily adaptable for different levels. I have always worked out a lot, but I learned so much from Chiara. She is very knowledgeable and her form corrections are spot on. I also have to mention her attitude and teaching method is amazing. She knows when to push you, and her positivity and smile make you try and believe you can do it. I love her style and I can’t wait to go on another retreat with her!

Racquel, Seattle USA

I met Chiara a couple years ago on a fitness retreat and followed her to another part of the world to be trained by her for another week. She pays close attention to technique, has a great sense of people’s abilities, and knows how to push us to new heights. Most importantly, Chiara has a sweet, fun-loving spirit that is a joy to be around. I will continue to cross the pond to sweat and get stronger with whom I’ve affectionately dubbed “My Instructor”. 😁

DaNay, Kansas City USA

My experience on a recent retreat with Chiara was overwhelmingly positive. She’s a great trainer and even better person! I appreciated that she took the time to understand my fitness level and fitness needs, and then encouraged me to work hard toward those goals. She provided great insight and support!

Melissa, Dallas USA

As I settle back into my usual routine, I wanted to send you a big THANK YOU for all that you’ve done during this Ibiza retreat. You are kind, genuine and truly an inspiration. I am so lucky to have met you and I hope to see you again soon! I now know why you have such a dedicated clientele. Thank you for being you…you are a gem 🙂

Jakie, New York USA

Chiara is enthusiastic, positive plus very knowledgeable and current on a wide array of fitness workouts and experiences. Her enthusiasm is contagious. Her sweet personality draws you into her workouts and you’re sweating in the most pleasant way quickly. Really enjoy Chiara — her fitness expertise and personality.

Debby, Sacramento USA
“What a fabulous experience!  This was my first group retreat and I feel so lucky to have found it!
Amazing experiences, along with a daily dose of fitness led by Chiara, a fabulous London-based instructor, made the trip all a woman could ask for. The workouts were varied and always a lot of fun so it didn’t feel like a chore AND I didn’t feel guilty splurging on all of the great food!  The overall experience was very authentic as was the lovely group of women that I met. It was a small enough size that we all had a chance to get to know each other, but no pressure to be a part of every single activity.”
Carla, Austin USA
“This trip was everything I hoped it would be and more. It was the perfect blend of old and new, city and fresh air, fitness and culture.
Despite the jet lag. Despite staying up late the previous night having too much fun. I simply couldn’t miss Chiara’s fitness classes each morning because she is that good. She put together just the right mix of workouts that were engaging, motivating, and easily modified for everyone in the group. It was so empowering to walk away from the trip knowing I got in a great sweat session each morning- my all -time best success rate working out throughout a vacation was achieved, thanks to a spunky, smart gal named Chiara!”
Julie, Minneapolis USA
“What a well planned vacation/retreat and an experience of a lifetime. We had daily fitness classes led by Chiara who was incredible…ranging from her signature TotalBody class which was a killer (in a good way) to a relaxing stretch class.  What a great way to incorporate culture, fitness and pampering!”
Kathy, New York USA

The care they take goes beyond just the normal execution of a well planned retreat and went beyond my expectations. The workouts by our instructor, Chiara, were all suited to our needs and could be modified at a moments notice to continue to participate at our own pace.

Bree, Los Angeles USA

I have worked out with Chiara for years and have been on amazing fitness retreats with her in the Italian Alps and the south of France. She brings a wonderful positive energy and in-depth knowledge to health and fitness, and is overall such a lovely person that you can’t help but be inspired and show up for that morning HIIT class! She’s very well-rounded in her approach to fitness and mind-body balance, and I really appreciate and admire that she really does live the lifestyle she advocates.

Claire, London UK